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This is the Advanced course in the Agile Thinking and Leadership Credentialed Programs.

Maximize Your Leadership Impact with an Agile Mindset

Renew Your Leadership Style and Thrive in the Future of Work

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An Agile Mindset – The Key To Leading with Confidence
in the Uncertain and Complex World

The world has changed. 

If you were taught some leadership lessons or had depended on trial-and-error methods in the past, chances are, many of these don't work anymore.

Perhaps you are trying to make sense of the uncertainty and volatility and are also struggling to lead your diverse teams...

If you had haphazardly adopted a leadership style that’s accumulated or inherited over the years and are now seeing yourself on an unremarkable plateau, or...

… you are charismatic and yet are getting inconsistent results with different stakeholders... and you want to align them with your strategies, quick.

If you want to avoid burn-out from trying to keep up with the neck-breaking pace of disruption...

If you’ve ever felt confused by the diversity of your employees, colleagues and organisations... 

Then, you need to reinvent your leadership style by embracing a different mindset.

Imagine that you could...

>> Feel less overwhelmed when navigating waves of change?

>> Galvanise strong support from stakeholders and diverse teams?

>> Respond swiftly and strategically to meet the demands of consumers?

>> Maximize your leadership impact by catching opportunities for massive growth?

>> Lead with unshakeable confidence, ease and authenticity in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world?

Whatever your leadership goal is, you can get there with more ease and authenticity when you use my proven steps to agile leadership with this leadership training – starting with your mindset.

Three Things You'll Discover In This Agile Leadership Training Course

*Get Agile Leader's Toolkit (worth $85) for free with your challenge.

Ease Your Leadership Struggles

Leadership is challenging in the current landscape. When leading a multi-generational workforce under an uncertain business climate, it's normal to feel conflicted and unsure. Leverage my experience coaching hundreds of clients from nearly 40 countries and master your leadership paradoxes.

Discover Your Competitive Advantage

Leveraging ACESENCE's Five Inner Voices, a framework for agile leadership, you will be guided through a process, step-by-step to integrate a holistic, people-oriented and authentic voice into your agile leadership style. Discover magic in you with CAPTAIN, DEVELOPER, VISIONARY, STRATEGIST and AGILIST now.

Build Habits that Lead to High Performance

Leadership is an evolution, not a revolution. If you want to develop skills and attitudes that stay with you for life, then the secret is in your habits. Over 21 days (or 3 months if you want), simply complete the strategic tasks, be it answering some questions, speaking to your friends, or consider new viewpoints. You will get big returns from your commitment.

Want to Fast Track Your Credentialing Process?

Enrol in the 21-Day Challenge and you'll meet the criteria for both the Advanced and Intermediate Credentials – all at once. That's two credentials in half the time. This is the leadership training that will set you apart from the rest.

Yeo Chuen Chuen Executive Coach

Meet Yeo Chuen Chuen

Named 'Most Outstanding Agile Leadership Development Coach' by Corporate Vision Magazine in 2020/21, Chuen Chuen's promise is simple – to provide instantly actionable solutions for global leaders so that they'll navigate today's complex and uncertain workplaces with ease

True to her promise, Chuen Chuen has already shown in her first book '8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility', how her Re4 Coaching Model accelerates mindset shifts in leaders.

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What You'll Get In Agile Leadership Training 

*Get Agile Leader Toolkit (worth $85) for free.

bitesize strategies and exercises everyday

21 "Fast Track" Insights That Build Agile Leadership Skills

You'll get daily video lessons of strategies for 21 days that will expand your mind and speed up your agile leadership transformation... So you won't ever have to doubt yourself and wonder if you are leading correctly.

S$359 value

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A Structured Self-Discovery Process That Liberates You From Leadership Grey Areas

I've laid out exactly what you need to consider for nearly every leadership ambiguity you will encounter in today's workplaces... so that you won't be stuck or confused about what you should be, ever again.

S$459 Value

Master Your Paradoxes
navigate difficult scenarios for leaders with the 8 paradoxes
five inner voices of leadership agility

"Tried and Tested" Framework that Reduces Self-Doubt to Microscopic Level

Over 21 lessons, you'll also dive into the five inner voices, a proven framework for your leadership success. Designed for leaders like you – leading in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world – so that you'll cut through the confusion and emerge stronger, with unshakeable confidence and ease.

S$ 559 Value 

Amplify Your Success

Program Features

This Advanced Program in Agile Thinking and Leadership is designed as a 21-day challenge to help dynamic and busy leaders like you embrace an agile mindset. Become more effective in driving change and optimize your possibilities. You can lead in the complex business environment with confidence when you immerse yourself in powerful reflections about real-world leadership ambiguities, make courageous self-assessments, and strategic calibrations that best respond to your current needs.

100% Online

All 21 teaching videos and exercises are hosted online, so you can access them from anywhere.

Leadership Transformation – Accelerated

Recalibrate your leadership style with powerful self-reflection exercises that maximize your impact.

You Set the Pace – 3 Months to Complete 21 Lessons

Work/life can be hectic– we get it. That's why you can take up to 3 months to complete the learning and claim your advanced credential.

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How soon can you see results with ACESENCE's proven process?

Why are the five inner voices of leadership agility relevant for you?

Kristian Thorbjornsen

Director, Sports3Sixty

May Tuck Wong

Leadership Coach, ex-IBM

Let's hear what clients say about our agile leadership model and approach

Results from Chuen Chuen's executive coaching programs where the same processes are used in this program. Some client names are not disclosed due to NDAs signed with organisations.*

“I have benefitted immensely from this concept of polarity and acquired new skills. I've acquired new skills and better serve the organisation. A true paradigm shift for me."

Senior Dy Director, Public Service


“Chuen Chuen gave me many tools that helped me see myself more clearly, to challenge my assumptions and grow. I've build skills to impact my team for their career success."

Executive Director, Public Service


"My transition into a bigger role has been smooth and strategic as a result of working with Chuen Chuen. Her great questions and intuition helped me find the resolution I needed."

Jonas Lim, Snr Director, Technology


Fast Track Your Leadership Transformation with
Our Proven Process

Total Value = S$1377

You Pay = Only S$497

*You earn both the Intermediate and Advanced Credentials in Agile Thinking and Leadership

* Get the Agile Leader's Toolkit for Free

A powerful set of tools for leaders to transform over 21 days
Agile Leaders Toolkit for extraordinary leaders
Get a printed copy of 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility

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